Frequently Asked Questions


  Understanding Trademarks

  1. What Can You Trademark?
  2. What Do Signs ™ and ® Mean?
  3. How Do You Check Whether Something is Trademarked in Canada?
  4. Do I Need a Trademark For a Product in Canada?
  5. Should I Register or Trade Mark a Business Name to Stop Someone Else Copying It?

  Intellectual Property Protection in Canada

  1. How do I Protect My Intellectual Property
  2. What is a Patent?
  3. What Can I Patent?
  4. What Are the Main Functions of a Patent Office?
  5. Why Do I Need to Copyright My Work?
  6. What is a Copyright?
  7. What is the Difference Between Patents and Copyrights?
  8. What is the Difference Between Trademarks and Copyrights?
  9. What is the Difference Between Trademarks and Patents?
  10. What Can I Copyright?
  11. Can I Patent a Business Idea?
  12. How to Trademark My Company in Canada and the United States?

  Application for Trademark Registration

  1. How Can I Apply For a Trademark Registration
  2. How Long Does it Take to Process a Trademark Application?
  3. How Would Business Development Centre Communicate and Deliver Information to Me?
  4. What Are the Methods of Payment for Trademark Application?
  5. If This is My First Order, Do I Need to Complete Any Special Forms?
  6. What is the Cost of Doing Trademark Search in Canada?

  Canadian Trademark Law

  1. Who Governs Trademark Law in Canada?
  2. Are Trademarks Good Across Canada?
  3. Does Canadian Trademark Offer Protection in USA?
  4. Can You Use a Registered Trademark Slogan in Canada?
  5. Can I Apply ™ Trademark to My Products in Canada?
  6. Can I Use a Business Name Trademarked in the US in Canada?
  7. Can You Trademark a Name That is Currently in Use in Canada?
  8. Does Trademarking a Logo in Canada Protect the Name?

  More on Registered Trademarks

  1. How is a Registerd Trademark Transferred?
  2. Once Registered How Do I Know My Trademark is Protected?
  3. How is a Trademark Renewed?
  4. What Precautions Do I Need to Take to Protect My Trademark?
  5. Assignment of a Registered vs. Unregistered Trademark in Canada

  Trademark Types – What Can You Trademark

  1. What Can You Trademark?
  2. Can You Trademark a Word or a Phrase?
  3. How Do I Trademark a Logo?
  4. Should You Trademark Paintings?
  5. Can You Trademark a TV Show Name in Canada?
  6. Do You Have to Register a Trademark to Use the symbol?
  7. Do I Need a Trademark For a Product in Canada?
  8. How Do I Get a Trademark in Canada For a Website Name?
  9. How Do You Trademark a Slogan in Canada?

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