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Thank-you so much for this letter. I have been struggling with establishing rates for customers. This information is unexpected, timely and appreciated.


Thank you for that information, I found it very useful and a good reminder.


Great, very informative. Would love to read your thoughts on 'going green' and how to brand and market correctly in this 'green' age. Many thanks,…


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Hello, I found your write-up to be bang on. Thank you for the info and look forward to others in the future.


Good day, I thank you sincerely for your input. The information has been extremely helpful for me to acknowledge on how to save money and also think of ideas to increase my business.


Thank you for sending this information, it is very good advice. You covered pretty well everything even the "add ons" benefits. thanks again, and keep them coming.


I really appreciate this well written article- excellent reminders and relevant information. Thank you.


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I love your write-ups, please keep them coming!


Love the tips there very useful!!!


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Thank you very much, you have been very knowledgeable to me, seeing as how I am a young entrepreneur trying to acquire as much business sense as I can. Thank you cheers!!!


Thank you for the useful tips, they are much appreciated.


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