How Do I Protect My Business Identity or Intellectual Property?

The only effective method to protect your name and thus the identity of your company is by utilizing the trademark process. As per the Canadian trademark law, you may trademark a number of elements of your company including:

  • Logo
  • Company Name
  • Slogan
  • Product Line Name
  • Service Line Name
  • Domain Name

Each of these elements could potentially require a separate trademark and if your logo includes your name or slogan it will require multiple trademarks to properly protect everything. One trademark is required to protect the graphic portion of the logo and one trademark is required to protect the name or slogan portion, if these are not already trademarked. Your trademark protects your intellectual property within the boundaries of Canada for a period of 15 years and may be renewed for additional periods very easily.

Although a registration requires between 12 and 18 months to complete, you get priority protection from the first day after the filing of your application. For more information on the process to Register Trademark Canada contact us.

Business Development Centre Registers Logo Trademarks, Word/phrase Trademarks & Domain Name Trademarks.

Apply for Trademark Registration.

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