Register Trademark In Canada

A Trade Mark protects the intellectual property of an individual, business organization or legal entity, and is typically a business name, word, phrase, logo, symbol, design, image, or a combination of these elements. That is why your identity in the marketplace must be original, distinct and unique.

Trademark a Word

Trademark a word/words, Business name, Product Name, names of goods and services, your name, company name, business name, name of TV shows, Name of Radio show, name of an organization. (Learn More)

Trademark a Phrase

Business slogan, business tag line, one word slogans, Patent my slogan.
  (Learn More)

Trademark a Logo

Product logo, logo of goods and services, company sign, symbol of organization, logo design, business logo, company symbol. (Learn More)

Trademark Domain Names

Name of website, Canadian websites. (Learn More)


Books, comics, images, photos, photography, artistic copyright, paintings, tune, song lyrics, music. (Learn More)


Patent an invention. (Learn More)

Trademarking in Canada gives the owner the exclusive right to its use throughout Canada in respect of those wares and services. Registering a Canadian Trademark prohibits its use by another person in the similar context. A trademark registration in Canada provides prima facie evidence of ownership. In a dispute, the registered owner does not have to prove ownership; the onus is on the challenger.

Your trademark registration also gives you the exclusive right to use the mark across Canada for 15 years. A registered trademark in Canada is renewable every 15 years after that. The registration of trademarks is recommended but not obligatory.

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